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The ice hockey community in Kaarina includes two clubs: Kaarinan Kiekko-Pojat (KaKiPo) for the junior teams and HC Indians (HCIK) for junior A and adults.

After KaKiPo representative team played it’s way up to Suomi-sarja Hockey League in spring 2013, a separate club was made for it. The junior teams and the Hockey-school stayed under KaKiPo. The two clubs form a community inside which the players can transfer freely. The clubs work in close associatioin with each other. HCIK aims at supporting the juniors in training and also financially.

Suomi-sarja is the third-highest league in the Finnish ice hockey. There are 16 teams in Suomi-sarja. The playing system can vary annually. 2017-2018 season every team played twice against all other teams (30 games). After that top 6 teams continued to play higher middle series and the rest of the teams played lower middle series. Finally the higher middle series teams and top 2 from the lower middle series made it to the play offs.

Suomi-sarja players are not professionals and most of them are not paid for playing. Often the players pay part of the teams expences and participate in the teams fund racing. This is the case in HCIK as well. The equipment is provided by the club.

Many Suomi-sarja teams cooperate with higher level Mestis teams to be able to provide the players  a chance to show their abilities on a higher level. If you’re interested in playing for HCIK, please contact  our scout Mr Ilkka Saarela.